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Insulator greenhouses for One-of-a-kind custom greenhouse at Monrovia Nurseries

Monrovia Nurseries | Woodlake, CA (Greenhouses)


Monrovia Nurseries


Woodlake, CA


Urgently protect citrus crop from the Asian Citrus Psyllid


Crop: Citrus, Container plants

One range of 2 Insulator 30 greenhouses with 12/85C loading, 14' eave height, x 84' long. Roof and walls are covered with insect screen.  A 2' tall perimeter stemwall of twinwalled polycarbonate protects the screen on the walls. An entry vestibule coupled with fans and "citrus" doors prevent insect intrusion.

Ted Styner, technical services coach and a facilities manager for Monrovia Nurseries says "We were worried about the date, because we had to get a lot of things done, but there wasn’t a lot of time left. ATI created a one-of-a-kind custom greenhouse for us and it was completed two days before schedule. We were obviously relived and very happy."

I would like to extend thanks Agra Tech, Inc. and especially ATI’s Jim Bergantz, because his tenacity and drive, coupled with his knowledge, got this greenhouse built. The products ATI provided and the greenhouse itself are exceptional and we haven’t had one bug in that greenhouse yet. But in the end , it all came down to customer service and Jim Bergantz!

Ray Pound, the owner of Ag-Con Construction in San Jose, California handled all of the assembly and building of the greenhouse and its entry vestibule, he said. “We showed  up with a four-man crew and completed the job in around 3.5 weeks without any overtime. It was a labor-intensive job, because we had to be sure it was 100% sealed. There were a lot of visual inspections and caulking and applying sealant to guarantee its ability to keep any insect out."

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