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Curtains save energy required to cool and heat your greenhouse. Shade fabrics are designed to reflect excess sun back out the roof, reducing solar gain. Thermal curtain fabrics are designed to hold the heat in the greenhouse on cool days and overnight. Most fabrics have both shade and thermal value. For example, Svensson's XLS 50 Harmony fabric provides 46% light diffusion, 50% shade, and 45% energy savings used as a thermal cover at night.

The Energy Curtain is a Retractable interior ceiling curtain system manufactured by Agra Tech for Agra Tech Greenhouses. Agra Tech Structures are factory punched to accept the Energy Shield. The features built into our curtain systems improve growing environments, increase energy savings, enhance space utilization, and assure reliable performance. Available in Slope-Flat-Slope or as a Flat system. Computer or manually controlled, powered by Agra Tech certified motor/gearboxes and controllers. The Energy Shield curtain system can be retro-fitted into non-ATI houses.

Key Benefits of Slope-Flat-Slope design

  • A dryer growing environment is maintained due to the air mass below the curtain that allows excellent air circulation.
  • Morning crop shock is minimized because there is less cold ceiling air above the curtain to drop on the crop when the curtain opens.
  • Better energy savings are realized because of the small air space between the curtain and the glazing.
  • Space is better utilized because equipment can be hung below the curtain, leaving ample room above the curtain for ridge vents.

Key Benefits to Push - Pull design

  • Push-pull describes the drive mechanics of the system. It is a high strength, low friction, rigid system requiring little maintenance. The curtain is pushed and pulled to open and close. Continuous 1 3/8" pipes run from end to end of the greenhouse connecting the entire system together. They are driven by steel racks and pinions and supported within low friction roller guides.

Benefits of All Agra Tech curtains

  • Galvanized steel racks and pinions for long life and low maintenance.
  • Spring steel fabric clips
  • Most support and restraint monofilament cables in industry
  • Full leading edge and gutter seals included

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Agra Tech curtain in Continental Greenhouse
Agra Tech Equinox Light Dep curtain | Cannabis Production

Curtain Closing

Agra Tech Equinox Light Dep curtain

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Agra Tech Solar Light with Equinox Light-dep curtain | Cannabis Production

Curtain Opening

Agra Tech Solar Light with Equinox Light-dep curtain

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Agra Tech Equinox Light Dep curtain in Solar Light | Cannabis Production

Panoramic View

Agra Tech Equinox Light Dep curtain in Solar Light

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