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Agra Tech FAQ

How do I know you are the best value for me?

Give us your specifications and we will give you a bid you can compare to anyone. Be sure to compare both the product and price for the best value.

What does technical competence mean to me?

It means we manufacture, deliver and build your greenhouse to specification on time and on budget.

So you are innovative how does that help me?

It means we listen to you. We think about you and recommend the best products for your application from our vast array of standard products. With our flexible manufacturing process we can tailor make some features for you that enhance the performance of your project.

How are you going to service me better than your competition?

Service is what we do after the sale to ensure your satisfaction. We will be there to answer questions regarding delivery, construction, operation, etc. We will be there when you need our help.

How knowledgeable are your sales personnel?

We have a sales staff of 4 with over 78 years of experience selling Agra Tech products and services. We are looking for another salesman. Please apply if you are the best salesman and want to offer the best products and services to your customers.

What does your reputation mean to me?

Our reputation means we will tell you the truth, even if it is bad news. No sugar coating of the facts. We will not lie to get your job even if it means we will lose your sale. We will answer all your questions honestly.

The most satisfying order to us is a repeat order. Our repeat customers are our most important customers.

We would like to show you what we can do for you. And, hopefully, you too will want Agra Tech to help you reach your next milestone. Give us a call. We are Agra Tech, the "Best in the West".

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