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Whether you have a small operation or a larger one or are considering vegetable greenhouse cultivation for the first time, Agra Tech, Inc. has the equipment, the tools and the knowledge to make it a successful endeavor.  Within the last decade, commercial vegetable greenhouse operations have become more prevalent for a wide range of reasons. With more people on the planet, less farmland and fewer available resources, growing food in greenhouses will be increasingly necessary within the next 20 years.

By completely controlling the climate and growing environment, local vegetable farms are cropping up from Hawaii to New Hampshire--using modest-size greenhouses to produce high-quality vegetables. Many of these business models proudly wear the “local, organic and sustainable” badge and consumers flock to these regional artisan growers of everything from kale to peppers and all the way to exotic vegetables such as arugula and unusual culinary herbs.

People are willing to pay a little more for locally grown produce, because they value the green approach and appreciate the health advantages of fresher vegetables that don’t need to be shipped in via trucks from many miles away. As gas prices rise, local providers will become more and more popular and their prices will trump the competition that has to truck in products from faraway. Using less water and creating less waste with a smaller carbon footprint, these local growers can turn crops more frequently and create profits more quickly than an outdoors in-ground farm. And by using sophisticated hydroponics in controlled environments, growers can produce high-quality products year round without interruption.

By partnering with the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of vegetable growing systems, Agra Tech, Inc. has the equipment, knowledge and experience to set up vegetable growers for success. This section of our website will allow you to research the different methods and systems for growing vine and leafy vegetables. By producing more products while using less energy, labor and time, an Agra Tech greenhouse coupled with one of these systems, can provide a handsome return on investment.

The types of vegetables you grow will dictate what growing systems to incorporate into your greenhouse from sophisticated to basic. Ideally, growing systems should be identified prior to purchasing your greenhouse so that you can buy one that is right for your operation.

With Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), you can produce vegetables year-round; produce vegetables that are consistently high-quality; enjoy a high level of versatility to change your crops to meet the demands of changing marketplaces; and do it green, efficiently and in a sustainable manner.

In addition to the greenhouse, ATI can also help its clients to purchase the following:

  • Commercial Vegetable Greenhouse & Greenhouses of all sizes
  • Energy retention equipment, including shade curtains
  • Irrigation systems, including hydroponics
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Customized growing systems
  • Heating, cooling & ventilation systems
  • Grow lights
  • Electrical accessories
  • System integration products
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