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Commercial Greenhouse Shade House

Product Description:

The Agra Tech Shade House is a pipe & cable structure designed to hold shade fabric and shield your plants.

Key Benefits:

  • Bay Spacing is 24' wide x 12' length increments.
  • Columns are 2 3/8" diameter x 13GAspaced 12' on center. Pre-drilled for cables. Domed caps included.
  • Kneebraces are 2 3/8" diameter and are placed (1 at every exterior column and 2 at every corner column).
  • 3/8" 7x19 galvanized aircraft cable. 14,400 lb. breaking strength. Cable is included for roof at each column running the length of the house and at each end running the width of the house.
  • 3/8" cable clamps, 3 per cable connection at each end.
  • Wall cable systems are optional.

Blog reference:

Commercial Greenhouse Shade House

Client's Testimonial

Warmerdam is highly impressed by the Agra Tech way of doing things. “You call companies now and good luck, they aren’t going to get back to you quickly or at all,” he said. “We hadn’t talked to the people at Agra Tech in quite some time, but when I reached out to them, they called us back within an hour. Everything was all good—just like the old days!

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