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Agra Tech Rolling Benches

A Better Bench System

Simply put, Agra Tech Rolling Benches increase total utilization of your greenhouse space by reducing the number of aisles. Aisles that can’t be used for growing are eliminated making that space available for production, adding significant square footage of growing area. Rolling benches work by installing a fixed base and using a set of rolling shafts, the bench top is rolled back and forth to open or close aisles as needed.  

Agra Tech rolling benches utilize a peaked roll bar that does not collect soils. This means the rolling shaft glides easily back and forth and does not have to roll over spilled potting media. Another feature of the Agra Tech rolling bench is what we call the stop-keeper. The stop-keeper does double duty as it hooks under the roll bar preventing the bench top from coming off the base and it captures the rolling shaft against the bench leg, aligning the shaft every time the bench top is moved to one side. 

Watch how the rolling bench can turn your aisles into growing space and still give you full access to your crop:

Rolling Benches | Commercial Greenhouse Accessories

Rolling benches | Commercial Greenhouse Accessories