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Tom Bracken | McFarland, CA (Greenhouses)


Tom Bracken


McFarland, CA


FruitWorks / The IFG Discovery Center: Three new Greenhouse ranges on 160 acres creating a state-of-the-art Research Campus to develop new flavorful fruit varieties.


The Campus consists of

Growhouse Range:
3 gutter connected Solar Light 36 x 156' x 12' eave totalling 16,848 sq ft that includes positive pressure cooling, air circulation, and insect exclusion. Also, Benches, Energy Curtains, Watering booms and a control system. 

A 24' x 108' partitioned area being used as a headhouse.
A 12' x 108' partitioned area on the opposite end for cooling equipment and insect control.

Insulator 35 x 120' x 12' eave. Roof, Sidewals, Gable endwalls covered with insect screen.

Repository Greenhouse:
Solar Light 36 x 108' x 12' eave

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