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New Range of 7 Sawtooth greenhouse at Micro Paradox & Randhawa Ventures

Micro Paradox & Randhawa Ventures | Pleasant Grove, CA (Greenhouses)


Micro Paradox & Randhawa Ventures


Pleasant Grove, CA


It's a huge project, but after it was completely designed, it took less than six months to make it 100% operable.


Crop: Clonal rootstocks for walnuts, cherries, pistachios, and almonds.

Range of 7 Sawtooth greenhouse 32' x 240' with exterior overhead shade system. There are 7 separate rooms for different stages of growing, each with its own interior energy curtain, heating, and cooling system. A mobile tray system with six transfer carts and a complete railing system allows them to move the trays throughout the entire greenhouse. Included is a Biotherm under bench heating system, a True Leaf Fog system and watering boom in each of the seven rooms.

News: Always on the cutting-edge of the commercial greenhouse industry, Agra Tech of Pittsburg, CA and Micro Paradox of Pleasant Grove, CA worked in close conjunction to create a commercial greenhouse system that is unique and unprecedented. Read more

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