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Range of 8 Agra Tech Continental greenhouses at GoGreen Agriculture

GoGreen Agriculture | Encinitas, CA (Greenhouses)


GoGreen Agriculture


Encinitas, CA


GoGreen's HappyLiving brand means organic, sustainable, and year-round quality.


Crop: Organic, hydroponically grown lettuce, kale, spinach, and basil.

Range of 8 Agra Tech Continental 40 greenhouses x 216' long (69,120 sq ft). The roof is poly covered. The peaked roof design with roof vents, exhaust fans in the walls, and Interior automated shade curtains maintain optimal temperature inside the greenhouse.

Go Green Agriculture was founded by Pierre Seilman, Jr in his college dorm room. During one of Pierre Jr's Computer Science degree courses at UC Riverside, he was inspired by the concept of decentralization. Taking out his first credit card for $2,000, he began constructing a growing system and writing a business plan. Upon graduation, Pierre Jr. asked his father, Pierre Sr., to join his vision and become his partner. Today Go Green employs Mom, Dad and Sister. Now they produce 1/2 million plants per month

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