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Research team from California University using positive pressure Agra Tech Solar Light greenhouses

University of California, Lindcove Research and Extension Center (LREC) | Visalia, CA (Greenhouses)


University of California, Lindcove Research and Extension Center (LREC)


Visalia, CA


Utilize positive pressure Solar Light greenhouses to keep harmful insects away from valuable germplasm.


Crop: Citrus

The two gutter connected Solar Light 30 x 84' x 14' eave greenhouses.  The greenhouses, which use positive pressure cooling to prevent insects’ entry, were designed to address the specific requirements of the LREC.  Primary among these requirements was the need to connect the LREC CRB-CCPP laboratory directly to the greenhouse, creating an entirely sealed and safe environment.  Agra Tech engineers designed and incorporated entry vestibules which safely seal and connect the structural elements.  One greenhouse was built primarily to house and grow citrus rootstocks for propagation and re-propagation of the budwood tree sources. The other greenhouse will be utilized for the maintenance of a fully-duplicate collection of every variety of the CCPP Foundation Blocks.

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