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Erica Rohrich

Erica Rohrich | Agra Tech Inc

Erica Rohrich | Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturer



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I came on board with Agratech in March, 2016.  With a vast background (20+ years) in purchasing materials and services, bids, contracts, customer service, and negotiations, etc, I am working on expanding my learning curve to sales. Working in my own back yard so to speak is a reward in itself, if you have ever commuted! Being in a warehouse/manufacturing environment is second nature to me.

Coming from a strong Supply Chain background, and now the sales portion, is intertwined with the other aspects of my career. Customers, whether internal or external, get the same care and respect! The challenge of learning something new is exciting and rewarding. Don’t forget what we can learn from our customers as well.

Family outings involving; camping, boating, jet ski races, hockey, girl scouts, boy scouts, to name a few, keep us very busy. Any day on the beach is a good day!

In working with Agra Tech I plan to expand my knowledge of manufacturing, learning new products, learning from others, and sharing my skill set and support in a very friendly, family environment. I am looking forward to many years of service and dedication here. Please let me know if I can be of service to you.

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