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Rolling benches help to increase usable space at Biggs Tree Company

Biggs Tree Company | Vista, CA (Accesories)


Biggs Tree Company


Vista, CA


Increase usable growing space inside the greenhouse


Crop: Annuals, perennials, ground cover, shrubs, vines, palms, and trees.

30,888 square feet of Agra Tech rolling benches. 36 benches 6 ft 6 inches x 60 long and 36 benches 6 ft 6 inches x 72 ft. long bought January 2008.

By replacing the wood benches with rolling benches they were able to increase their usable space by 50%. They are now growing the same number of plants in 6 houses that used to require 9 houses before they added the benches.

Founded by Donald A Briggs Jr. in the early 1970’s, Briggs Tree Company, Inc. has operated for over thirty five years as a full-scale, wholesale nursery from its original location on Poinsettia Avenue in Vista, CA. They have been family owned and operated since then, and have expanded to over 200 acres in production growing grounds.