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Agra Tech greenhouse with roll-A-roof opening roof system

Ball Tagawa Growers | Arroyo Grande, CA (Greenhouses)


Ball Tagawa Growers


Arroyo Grande, CA


Tagawa West Coast Growers (now called Ball Tagawa Growers)needed to replace a fixed shade house with roll-A-roof opening roof system on a structure that matched their existing greenhouse. The bench trays needed to be transported from the old house to the new house and then out the endwall when ready.


Crop: Propagation for the horticultural industry.

Agra Tech Continental style arch greenhouses with roll-A-roof, drop walls on the sidewalls and roll up walls on the endwalls. Project includes Energy curtain under the roll-A-roof. The Continental greenhouses were built to 42'-6" wide to add onto the ends of their existing greenhouses by another manufacturer.

The design enables the grower to produce stronger, healthier crop more quickly due to the roll-A-roof. The plants had greater access to the sun and ambient air but are provided protection during rain and cold.

Agra Tech was able to custom design the structure to allow a virtually seamless connection to their existing greenhouse and crop transportation system. Ag Con Construction provided necessary field adaptions required to facilitate the connection.

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