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HM.CLAUSE Creates the Seeds of the Future with Agra Tech

HM.CLAUSE Creates the Seeds of the Future with Agra Tech | Commercial Greerhouse Manufacturer

HM.CLAUSE Creates the Seeds of the Future with Agra Tech

To be a leader in the commercial greenhouse industry, Agra Tech (ATI) needs to associate itself with major companies as they pursue innovative ways to grow plants or in this case, to breed quality seeds.

HM.CLAUSE is a business unit of Limagrain, an international co-operative agricultural group specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds, and cereal products. HM.CLAUSE is now one of the top five vegetable seed entities in the world. With more than 2,000 varieties within more than 20 vegetable crops, HM.CLAUSE provides cutting-edge solutions to growers from India to Indiana. By establishing business relationships with 14 commercial subsidiaries and local sales networks, HM.CLAUSE features varieties that are available in more than 100 countries.

In 2008, two of the world’s leading seed companies merged when Harris Moran Seed Company (a U.S. entity) and Clause Vegetable Seeds (a French company) joined forces to become a major player in the development and production of vegetable seeds worldwide. Now called HM.CLAUSE, this international company specializes in the breeding, production, and commercialization of vegetable seeds in a wide range of varieties for professional growers.

The company has a strong presence in California, with facilities in Modesto, where its quality control department and seed processing operation is located; three locations in Davis, including a research and breeding facility and satellite facilities in Nampa, Idaho; Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; Olathe, Colorado; and Immokalee, Florida. HM.CLAUSE also has subsidiaries in France, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and more, making them a world-class worldwide operation.

Mehul Gandhi is the company’s Greenhouse Facility Supervisor and oversees all greenhouse-related tasks at HM.CLAUSE’s Modesto location. He has held this position since the greenhouses became operational and oversees the efforts of four technicians and contract personnel when needed. Previously, Gandhi held the position of Germination Lab Supervisor at HM.CLAUSE and has been with the company for over 13 years.

Agra Tech Solar Light greenhouse

Inside one of HM.CLAUSE'S Agra Tech Solar Light greenhouses in Modesto, CA.

Gandhi was more than delighted to share his company’s “elevator speech” with us. “We specialize in the breeding, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. From the world market to the farmer’s market, we collaborate with our customers to deliver successful solutions for the agricultural challenges of today and produce the highest quality seeds for the future. With a team of 4,000 professionals in over 30 countries, we are dedicated to sustainable solutions for the land, successful products for our customers, and intensive research and innovations for the future.

By working closely with its worldwide team of experts and using state-of-the-art research facilities that include ATI greenhouses, HM.CLAUSE is able to work side-by-side with growers to provide the most regionally relevant and reliable vegetable seeds available, according to Gandhi.

In the end, it all comes down to dedication and passion and the main reason why HM.CLAUSE maintains its position as a worldwide leader in seed research, breeding and production.

“As a global company, each and every one of us is genuinely invested in our customers’ success and the future of our industry,” Gandhi explained. “We work to demonstrate our values of teamwork, collaboration, transparency and accountability in every office, laboratory, facility, farm and field, in each and every region, every day of the year.”

To achieve its goals and guarantee the quality, HM.CLAUSE uses one ATI headhouse and three ATI Solar Light greenhouses at 1,152 sq. ft. each. Each greenhouse features its own specially controlled climate to accommodate the different stages of plant development. To keep those pesky insects out of their structures, HM.CLAUSE also relies on ATI’s insect inclusion system to keep unwelcome visitors out.

The ATI structures are up and running and serving HM.CLAUSE for a wide range of applications. “As one of the world’s largest seed companies, we are routinely testing our seed varieties to ensure only the highest quality seed is delivered to our customers, Gandhi said. “Usable Transplant tests are conducted year-round in our state-of-the-art greenhouses built by ATI. Sowing of seed and other processes take place in our HVAC controlled headhouse, which provides a comfortable environment for our staff members.”

Gandhi values ATI as an integral member of their team, as opposed to just another vendor, he said. “Our relationship with Agra Tech is a very good one. Over the years that  they have been very supportive of our needs and providing us with outstanding customer service. We have built a very positive relationship with Jim Bergantz and the folks over at Agra Tech. They are the leaders in their business, and we are leaders in what we do, so it’s a great match. Together we are fully invested in the success of our customers.”

HM.CLAUSE has established a strong ongoing relationship over the years with its ATI rep. “Jim Bergantz has been outstanding in providing us with the support we need--whether it’s for small maintenance questions or large projects--Agra Tech has over time earned our trust,” Gandhi said. “For all your commercial greenhouse needs, reach out to and for your vegetable seed needs and, Global Reach. Local Touch.”

Read more about HM.CLAUSE in our 2013 blog "HM.Clause Major Worldwide Seed Manufacturer Values Its Agra Tech Greenhouses"

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