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Major Worldwide Seed Manufacturer Values Its Agra Tech Greenhouses

Major Worldwide Seed Manufacturer Values Its Agra Tech Greenhouses | Commercial Greerhouse Manufacturer

In 2008, two of the world’s leading seed companies merged when Harris Moran Seed Company (a U.S. entity) and Clause Vegetable Seeds, (a French company) joined forces to become a major player in the development and production of vegetable seeds worldwide. Now called HM.CLAUSE, this international company specializes in the breeding, production and commercialization of vegetable seeds in a wide range of varieties for professional growers.

Dedicated exclusively to producing vegetable seeds, HM.CLAUSE is now one of the top five vegetable seed entities in the world. With more than 2,000 varieties within more than 20 vegetable crops, HM.CLAUSE provides cutting-edge solutions to growers from India to Indiana. By establishing business relationships with 14 commercial subsidiaries and local sales networks, HM.CLAUSE features varieties that are available in more than 100 countries.

Solar Light processing area

Solar Light processing area

The company has a strong presence in California, with facilities in Modesto, where its quality control department and seed processing operation is located; three locations in Davis, including a Research and Breeding facility and satellite facilities in Nampa, Idaho; Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; Olathe, Colorado; and Immokalee, Florida. HM.CLAUSE also has subsidiaries in France, Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and more, making them a world-class worldwide operation.

Focusing on tomato, melon, pepper, cauliflower and other brassicas, summer squash, sweet corn and fennel seeds, HM.CLAUSE currently utilizes one head House and three greenhouses built and designed by Agra Tech, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial greenhouses, accessories and greenhouse growing systems and located in Pittsburg, CA.

Each of HM.CLAUSE’s three Agra Tech greenhouses is approximately 3,450 square ft. in size and contains 2,160 square ft. of usable bench space.

Mehul Gandhi is the company’s Greenhouse Facility Supervisor and oversees all greenhouse-related tasks at HM.CLAUSE’s Modesto location. He has held this position since the greenhouse became operational and oversees the efforts of two technicians and contract personnel, when needed. Previously, Gandhi held the position of Germination Lab Supervisor at H.M.CLAUSE and has been with the company for approximately seven years.

There were a few minor bumps when the Agra Tech greenhouses were installed roughly three years ago at HM.CLAUSE’s Modesto facility, but any issues were solved post haste, thanks by exemplary customer service offered by Agra Tech.

Agra Tech Benches inside Solar Light Greenhouse

Agra Tech Benches inside Solar Light Greenhouse

We had some minor issues with the Agra Tech greenhouses initially, but our salesman Ray Pound with AG Con, the company that installs Agra Tech greenhouses, stepped up and solved them rather quickly,” Gandhi said. “When he discovered a problem, he was here within days and took care of everything. We also work with Agra Tech’s Jim Bergantz, who has been a source of information and a great help.

The greenhouses have performed well,” Gandhi explained. “There are three rolling benches in each greenhouse with hot water tubing heating system on the benches. We also have various stages of cooling with the final stage being the automatic shade curtain. This allows us to produce very uniform plants throughout the year.

Agra Tech helped Gandhi and his crew to find the optimum location for their head house and greenhouses, he said. “We had to figure out how much space we needed and where the Agra Tech greenhouses and head house were to be situated, because we don’t have a huge parcel of land here. But, with Agra Tech’s assistance, we were able to successfully design and set up the buildings and in the summer of 2011, our new quality control lab was operational.

All four buildings are connected, which is ideal for what we’re doing,” Gandhi explained. “They allowed us to expand our usable transplant testing. We’ve also been able to expand our vigor and stress testing to ensure that the seed lots chosen for sales can withstand a wide range of conditions.

Controlled Environmental Chamber for germination

Controlled Environmental Chamber for germination

The head house is where we do all the planting,” Gandhi said. “It has three separate environmentally controlled chambers and we place all of our usable transplants there first, to make sure there’s uniformity and to make sure they are initially grown under the same conditions before we transfer them into one of the greenhouses. Initial germination also takes place in these controlled environment chambers.

To prevent insects from entering HM.CLAUSE’s head house or greenhouses, Gandhi called upon the expertise of Agra Tech to make it happen. “They helped us to cover all our breezeways with insect screens,” Gandhi said. “Now, not one single insect can get into any of our greenhouses, which is essential. We’re busy year-round, so this is very important.

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Sunridge Nurseries is excited to announce that it has embarked on an expansion project that will increase their overall production area by an additional 7 acres of greenhouses and shade houses. These state of the art, Agra-Tech solar light ranges will come equipped with the latest technologies in greenhouse climate and irrigation controls. By incorporating higher gutter heights, ridge roof vents and internal shade curtains, coupled with energy efficient double wall polycarbonate coverings, we expect to shorten our crop time on potted grafted vines and do it with fewer energy inputs. Other features include the addition of HAF fans and light diffusion in the polycarbonate coverings which will allows us to grow at higher crop densities without sacrificing plant quality.

The expansion project will increase our overall capacity by 2 million potted vines under a protected insect free environment. This, along with all concrete flooring and roadways throughout the entire project and our continued use of all metal benching, will help to provide for a more disease free growing area. The ability to wash down benches, floors and walkways with disinfectants both before and after vines move thru the facility is a critical step in keeping the vines free of unwanted diseases.

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