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Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturer

Jim Bergantz, our Agra Tech rep, played a huge role with this project and he couldn’t have been more agreeable.  One of the best things about hiring Agra Tech is that you also get Ag-Con, which is great.  They have done all of the construction for each phase and it has been amazing.  Ray Pound and the job foreman, Jaime, are on top of everything and their problem-solving skills have been very helpful.

Bahne talked to three different companies before signing with Agra Tech, he said.  “They came back with a plan that was flexible and they we’re really willing to work with us at a reasonable price.  We met with them and they helped us adjust the design.  What they came up with was very similar to our original design, but they made it much more practical.  They thought about things that we didn’t think of and that was a big deal, to say the least!

From blog: The Burchell Nursery

Jeremy Bahne
Oakdale, CA

We started working with Bob Scavetta until he retired from Agra Tech (after working there for 16 years). Then, we began a relationship with Jim Bergantz. We missed Bob, because he was so knowledgeable, but both gentlemen know the commercial greenhouse industry very well and the information they gave us was exceptional. Jim walked us through the options and helped us to make a series of smart decisions. Jim Bergantz is definitely passionate about what he’s doing and you can sense it immediately. If we ever need a part, Jim knows the solution and will go out of his way to make it happen. They’ve recommended other products and systems for our greenhouses, even though they don’t sell them directly. So, that’s how we know they care, because they’re not all about selling us things. They really want us to succeed, and that’s why we’re happy to be working with them. The customer service at Agra Tech is amazing! 

Sandeep Randhawa

From Blog CSP Labs Tests the Seeds of the World,  Oct 2013

Sandeep Randhawa
Pleasant Grove, CA

"Agra Tech has built and will continue to build my greenhouses. Working on a new 1 acre build currently. Amazing customer service and sales team." 

WN Citrus

Since our very first meeting with the Agra Tech team this year, we were very impressed by your ability to take ideas and create them into solutions, raw material into high quality products, parts and pieces into solid structures, greenhouses into ideal environment for agriculture. 

Commitment. This is what turns dreams into reality. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas!

Webster, FL

Willits & Newcomb - The Citrus Nursery | Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturer

Willits & Newcomb

Gary Moles
General Manager


Willits & Newcomb - The Citrus Nursery | YouTube | Metal Structure Vegatables Greenhouse Willits & Newcomb - The Citrus Nursery | Vimeo | Vegetable Transplant Production Greenhouses
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Pierre Sleiman, Jr.
Founder & CEO


GoGreen | YouTube | Metal Structure Vegatables Greenhouse GoGreen | Vimeo | Vegetable Transplant Production Greenhouses

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