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In Ground Greenhouse Growing

Conventional Meets Innovative

Depending on your layout and space requirements, in-ground vegetable growing might be the best solution for you. You can produce exceptional vegetables faster in a CEA (Controled Environment Agriculture) setup based on in-ground growing, in soil, the way nature intended.

In-ground greenhouse growing requires a smaller initial investment and allows growers the flexibility to extend the growing season by manipulating the weather conditions. Growers performing in-ground greenhouse cultivation can protect their crops against frost, wind, hail and/or excessive exposure to the sun. Greenhouses can also be covered with insect screen when plants need a more natural environment but need protection from harmful insects, such as the Asian Citrus Psyllid.

Greenhouses can start simple, by providing nothing more than a cover for the crops, all the way to more complex systems offering full climate control.

This technique also offers growers a high level of adaptability, because they can convert their systems to incorporate other growing systems, such as benches, or even hydroponics, seamlessly in the future.

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