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Commercial Greenhouse Starter Package

Agra Tech currently has the following Starter Packages ready for you to choose from.

# Product Growing Space Download
1 North Slope 24 x 24 Starter Package 576 sq. ft.
2 North Slope 24 x 60 Starter Package 1,440 sq. ft.
3 North Slope 30 x 48 Starter Package 1,440 sq. ft.
4 North Slope 30 x 96 Starter Package 2,880 sq. ft.
5 North Slope 30 x 144 Starter Package 4,320 sq. ft.

The North Slope is designed to shed snow and allow maximum light into the greenhouse for northern climates. We have found that the North Slope’s generous peak makes it also good for warm climates as it is easy to cool using natural ventilation.