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Product Description:
The Agra Tunnel or Hi-Tunnel is a multi-bay wide, low cost per square foot, high volume crop cover.

Some important features of the Agra Tunnel:

Low square foot cost.
Agra Tech’s multi-bay wide span design reduces cost. No concrete is required to install.

Fast installation with a minimum of labor.
Columns are pounded into the soil. Arches slip into Y connectors.

Able to withstand the elements.
We recently had more than an acre installation hold up to 60 mph winds and 4” of rain.
Stabilizing plates bolted to columns resist lateral and uplift wind loads. End bracing is included.

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Other notes on the Agra Tunnel structure:

  • Poly is held onto the structure with ropes. (Request pricing)
  • There are no gutters. Rain runoff drops between houses and can be handled with trenching.
  • Ends can be covered or left open. Covered ends can be opened by rolling poly on a pipe. (Request Pricing)
  • Further ventilation can be provided by sliding the ploy up the arch. The tension of the ropes holds the poly in place.
  • Agra Lock options for holding poly on the sides and ends are available. (Request pricing)

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